Asphalt Paving Contractor serving San Antonio, Floresville and La Vernia. Not only are we local, we are committed to providing a GREAT customer experience every time! 

Do you need a new asphalt parking lot or asphalt driveway?   For instance, we can install a new asphalt parking lot or resurface and existing lot.  Similarly, we can overlay asphalt of your existing driveway or parking lot.  Naturally, our experienced team can make your blacktop asphalt brand new. 

Call us to discuss your project:  210-602-2403 or 210-707-0038.

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Residential Asphalt Contractor 

Driveway, Private Roads, Ranch Roads, Speed Bumps and Pot Hole Repair

We are also more than capable for your residential asphalt paving needs. Whether it’s a private or ranch road, an asphalt driveway or a speed bump, we can make an affordable &durable asphalt solution. Have pot holes that need repair?  Give us a call!  210-602-2403.

OSO always stand behind our work even for smaller jobs and our reputation in the Greater San Antonio, Floresville and La Vernia areas is top notch.

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Commercial Asphalt Contractor 

Paving & Repaving for Asphalt Parking Lots, Speed Humps and Speed Bumps

Asphalt parking lot needing an overhaul?  Repaving a parking lot is less expensive than you might think.  By either removing and replacing the existing asphalt with brand new blacktop or overlay your existing asphalt with a new layer instead.  As a result, our asphalt paving work lasts for many years because we use the best paving methods and our equipment is all late model heavy duty machines that correctly applies the asphalt the best way possible. 

What about asphalt pot holes?  Call us, we can quickly repair those pot holes and avoid costly damage to customers and equipment.  If time is the problem, we can take care of the pot holes one section at a time so your customers aren’t impacted.  Is speed an issue in your neighborhood?  Speed humps or speed bumps can be the solution to the issue.  Therefore, installation of asphalt or heavy duty speed humps are a quick solution and can save a life!  

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